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Love where you're going!

Vehicle based adventure travel blog | Sam Prokop

Adventure is necessary!

We all know that the digital age has taken over, and most of us are guilty of spending too much time glued to our screens. While there are many benefits to being connected, there is also a need for disconnecting from the digital world and exploring new places. Adventure travel is one way to do this, and overland trips are a great way to explore off the beaten path. Camping is another great way to connect with nature and disconnect from the everyday distractions of life. Whether you're looking for an adrenaline rush or just some time away from it all, adventure travel is a great way to get it. So go explore!  You won't regret it.

When you lose cell signal and the pavement gives way to trails, that's when you start living...

Overlanding to me is the perfect mix of travel and adventure. Exploration of  hard to reach terrains and places is the real attraction in overlanding for me. Another important aspect is also the preparation of my vehicle, my RIG, as most of us overlander call them. I absolutely enjoy the process of modifying and maintaining this rig. If you too are intersted in modifying and preparing your vehicle for overlanding, please visit my DIY Video page where I bring you along and share in my experiences of getting my rig ready for vehicle based exploring / Overlanding. 

DIY Videos / Youtube Channel

Planning for Overlanding is Easier Than You Think

  • Overlanding does NOT have to mean you will necessarily travel to places where a highly modified behicle will be needed! 
  • Facebook is FULL of groups that are dedicated to this type of travel, become a member and start asking questions.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED fancy and expensive gears. YES we are all guilty of wanting fancy stuff but Car Camping is Indeed Overlanding! Exploring and traveling with cheap gear is better than mall crawling with a totally loaded rig ;-)
  • YouTube is also another great resource to get you started in Overlanding. Although be forewarned that it can be a little bit of a VERY DEEP RABIT HOLE....

Mapping is key!

I rely on GAYA for my mapping needs when I am on the trails. I use an Android tablet mounted on my dash and it does an amazong job.
Take a look at the video I made on outfiting the dash of the LX to receive various RAM mounts, to me it was the best way to be able to have all my devices at my fingertips when I am on the trail. Don't forget my LX is purpose built and so I am not afraid to make modifications that are often irreversible and I am ok with this.    

More DIY Videos here

It feels great to be lost in the right direction...

Plan Your Adventure

Your rig is important but so is the rest of your gear, make sure you take time to research and prepare so that when the time comes to take off, you are not overloaded or ill prepared for what's to come. Today there is a huge amount of information available and people often share their own experiences on social media or places like YouTube so go ahead anbd  join the right social group, make friends and learn from them places you'd like to visit and the best way to do it!  

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Great friends, places, food, trails.....

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