1961 Land Rover 109 Wagon NADA

"British Invasion" has started!

The journey of bringing one of the most iconic 4x4 vehicle back to road worthy condition. 

And so it starts

The story starts when  friend of mine calls me, out of breath while running in the park, to tell me he found a cache of old british cars and that he's flying the next day to go see it. He says: "you won't believe this Sam, there are 10s of old Landys, some MGs, some Jags etc...." and then he adds : "be read to buy something, this is what you've been waiting for"....... The next day he calls me again, this time after sending me some pics of what amounts to classic carn porn! I mean there are cars everywhere in this warehouse and my eyes don't know where to look. Fast forward a few months and here we are. Two cars magically made their way to NOLA. An original 1961 Land Rover 109 Wagon (NADA*) and a 1972 Triump TR6. 

*NADA stands for North American Dollar Area and was used to identify cars that were manufactured for the US and Canadian markets.

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